Why Takayu Onsen Is
Japan's Best
Hot Spring Resort

Spring water that amazes all

  • 2016 Jalan Popular Hot Spring Destination Ranking, Secluded Spring Category: #1
  • 2017 Jalan Popular Hot Spring Destination Ranking, Secluded Spring Category: #1
  • 2017 Hot Spring General Election: Minister of the Environment Award
  • 2018 Hot Spring General Election: Health Advancement Category: #1

The greatest thing about Takayu is the incredible efficacy of the spring waters. It is said that one typically needs three weeks to benefit from a normal hot spring resort, but at Takayu, it takes half the time. As they say here, "One bath every three days, three baths in ten days." Of course, even if you're taking a day trip or staying for just one night, you can still benefit from a dip in the green-white waters that act as "nature's soap," so to speak.

Nine source waters, all free-flowing

Free-flowing means that the temperature of the source waters is only regulated with a water-separating box and a hot water sluice before arriving at the tub. Takayu was the first hot springs in Japan to publicly promise free-flowing source waters. Every day, the water is delivered to the tubs at each inn without reducing the medicinal effects of Takayu Onsen's water in any way. There are nine different source waters. Experience these supplements of nature and the power of Takayu for yourself.

We follow the teachings of our forebears:
"Issai no narimono wo kinzu" (Make not a noise)

In line with the most fundamental of the old teachings that a hot spring heals a person's body, you'll find no souvenir shops, diners or pubs at Takayu. With fully preserved natural surroundings, the entire area serves as a retreat, while also providing a place in this modern age to experience the gorgeous village scenery and a local character that is just as warm and welcoming as the hot springs.

A different bathing experience at every inn

Just as important as the water's efficacy is the style of the indoor and open-air baths. Each inn tries to outdo the others in a friendly competition to provide a setting suited to the season. The seasonal backdrops-fresh greenery in spring, the indigo skies of summer, colorful leaves in the fall, and white blankets of snow in the winter-dress Takayu in a natural beauty that greets all visitors.

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Three open-air baths at the Attakayu public bath

The Attakayu wooden public bath in the center of Takayu Onsen is an open-air bath that has separate baths for men, women and private use, which is a rare arrangement in Japan. Attakayu is always busy, as many guests at Takayu enjoy visiting two baths at their inn and the one here. Note that the facility is closed on Thursdays (subject to change according to the season).

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