Takayu Hot Spring Public Bath [Attakayu]

Mingle with local people in the milky sulfur waters fed directly from the source, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Mt.Azuma. Come and spend a tranquil and relaxing time at Takayu Onsen's public bath 'Attakayu'.

The building is modelled after a traditional Japaense onsen, and all of the baths are open-air onsen called 'rotenburo'. There are rotenburo with wooden or stone decors for both men and women, and even a private rotenburo that is available by reservation.
(Takayu Onsen Tourism Association TEL +81-24-591-1125)

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How to use the facility

How to use the facility To enjoy Takayu medicinal hot spring, customers are required to follow both the public bath manners and [How to use the facility] below. Tattoos OK.

◆How to use the facility
This facility is managed by the Takayu Hot Spring Inns Cooperative Association. Like other local inns, our hot spring flows naturally from the sulfur springs nearby. Because we don’t recycle the water, the sizes of our bathtubs aren’t that big. The temperature is controlled by only increasing or decreasing the water volume.
In order to provide this service to as many people as possible, we encourage the customers to use the bath for no longer than 1 hour. Please be careful of the weather, since all our baths are open air. The three types of the baths are Men only bath, Women only bath and Reserved bath.

1.Please do not park your cars at the parking lots of the inn and on the roads.
2.We are closed on Thursdays for the bath cleaning. If there is a national holiday on the Thursday, we will be closed on the following day instead.
3.Our working hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Last check in must be done before 8:30pm.
4.Please purchase the bath ticket from the ticket machines. Please understand that the facility may be crowded sometimes.
5.Please hand in your ticket to the reception. The facility can be used for 1 hour.
The bath fee is 250 Yen for adults (Junior high school or older), 120 Yen for kids (older than 1 year)
6.Reserved baths can only be reserved in advance. Please check at the front desk.
7.Do not bring any beverages or food inside.
8.No smoking in the facility. The smoking room is located outside the entrance.

◆How to use the reserved bath
The reservation fee is 1,000 Yen for the reservation in addition to the regular ticket fees.
We take reservations from 9am to 7 pm 2 days before the visit. Please double-check the regular closing days.
For example: If you want to make a reservation on Saturday, since we are closed on Thursdays, you must make the reservation from Friday.
Please understand that some customers may not be allowed to use the facility under certain circumstances,
In the winter (from December to March), the reserved baths may be closed. In that case, you can make the reservation on the visiting day
To maintain the temperatures of men and women baths, we may use the hot water from the reserved baths.

Attakayu Onsen (Hot Spring) Park

The park is located 50 meters up from the public bath. It is a good spot to take a walk and rest. You can discover an Onsen (hot spring) pond in the park. The pond is similar to the baths at the inns. It overflows 100 liters of +41 °C cloudy sulfur hot spring water every minute. From the park, you can see the source of Attakayu [Taki no Yu]. The beautiful nature will blow your mind. Once, there was a defunct ryokan (Japanese inn) and it was a vital spot for the community. The progress is achieved thanks to the hard work of the locals and officials. Our current goal is to plant trees until it assimilates with the surrounding forest. Visitors can park their cars at the Tourism Association parking lots 200 meters ahead.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I use the facilities at Attakayu with a tattoo?
A: Yes, you can use Attakayu with a tattoo.
Attakayu follows the laws established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and there are no restrictions on people with tattoos using public baths. It is not necessary to use bandages or cover your tattoos when entering the baths. Many international guests are worried about entering public baths because of tattoos. If you are worried about unwanted attention because of your tattoos, you can use the reserved private bath (fees apply).

Q:Is Attakayu managed by the city?
A: Takayu Onsen (Hot spring) Area is one of the residential convalescence hot spring area.
We received the Fureai Yasuragi promotion service from the government. Then, we used the promotion service to establish a public bath. Tsuchiyu Onsen (hot spring) used the same promotion service to build a suspension bridge. Fureai Yasuragi is a type of promotion service granted from the government for the residential convalescence hot springs. The construction is conducted by Fukushima city. Takayu Hot Spring Inns Cooperative Association provided the land and the hot spring license. In order to commence the construction, we have consulted with the officials many times and it was finally approved after collecting the signs of all other facilities. For those reasons, we have a unique system to manage the facility with the cooperation of both the city and the association. All the staff at the inn are from the Takayu Tourism association.
Q:Why there are only open air baths in Attakayu?
A: Takayu hot spring contains the hydrogen sulfide gas. (See Akita Doroyu accident) We are following the Fukushima Kenpoku health center rules and regulations on the gas usage.
Attakayu hot spring is located 60 meters from the source and it is the one nearest to the source among the Takayu hot spring facilities. On one hand, it has the advantage of providing the freshest water, but on the other hand it is hard to control the amount of gas. The previous ryokan (Japanese inn) Fujiya received numerous inspections from the health center. Other facilities have enough distance to control the amount of gas.
For those reasons, we have only open air baths to drive away the hydrogen sulfide gas. If we had indoor baths, we might have opened the windows regularly and establish fans inside to circulate the air. This was decided by experienced locals.
Q:Why there aren’t any showers in Attakayu?

A:Due to the hydrogen sulfide problem, we couldn’t place a shower in our open air baths. There are still the remains of the showers we built before we knew the regulations. The regulation is on the public bath sanitary advisory from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (1811th Agenda from Welfare Sanitary Bureau Chief). On the sanitary regulation 1-3-10, it says [One cannot build a shower at an open air bath]. As for this matter, we have the confirmation from the Fukushima Kenpoku Welfare office Environmental Sanitation Department.
We have located faucets for people whose bodies dont agree with the sulfur, but it is not designed for use as a shower in normal cases. We have received the permission according to the Prefectural Public Bath Law 139-2-1 and Hot Spring Law 125-12-1. Unless the laws change, we cannot build showers. Therefore, customers can not carry around soaps and shampoos.