Today's Takayu Onsen was a light rain remodeling, but now it is up. I feel chilly. Jododaira is cloudy, the temperature is 12.5 ℃, and there are places where visibility is poor, but visibility is good. Coloring of autumn leaves has begun in the vicinity.


Today's Takayu Onsen is cloudy. Jododaira is cloudy, the temperature is 14.5 ℃, and the wind is blowing a little strongly. The Bandai-Azuma Skyline is above the sea of clouds.


Today's Takayu Onsen has light rain and fog. , Jododaira is cloudy, the temperature is 13,0℃, and there is no wind. Good visibility at altitudes above 1200m. Below that is the sea of clouds.


Today's Takayu Onsen is cloudy, cool and sunny. Jododaira is drizzle. The temperature is 12.0 ° C and visibility is poor. There are times when the fog is thin, but the scenery is pure white.


Today's Takayu Onsen is cloudy and there is no wind, but it is cool. Jododaira is cloudy and sometimes thick fog. The temperature is 12.0 ° C. You may also see a slight blue sky.