How to enjoy the Takayu to the fullest for each seasons
April The Skyline reopens when the land is still covered in the snow. The first tidings of the blossoms may show up, yet one can still enjoy the open air bath surrounded by the snow.
May Vacation season starts with Golden Week. The season for spring mountains starts and Azuma will be fresh green again.
June Every year, June 8th is the Onsen Jinja (Hot Spring Shrine) festival. Locals express their gratitude towards the nature and the hot springs. The prayer of the Fudoson takes place as well.
July Due to the rainy season, Takayu area will be wrapped within the thick mist. Jyododaira shows up above the clouds.
August The season of summer highland drive. Bathing in the Takayu hot spring after the long Bandai Azuma Skyline drive is the classic course.
September The peak of Mt.Azuma starts to turn red. The noise of the summer mountain dies down and the exhilarating trekking seasons comes.
October The real season of red leaves comes. The traffic gets heavier.
November Azuma loses all its leaves and caps the first snow. The Skyline closes in the middle of this season. Silence and old style of the hot springs comes back.
December Snow grows day by day. It won’t melt until the next march. Once it does one can enjoy an open air bath on a sunny day.