Introductions of the Tourist Spots Nearby

The Three Takayu Waterfalls

The images of these waterfalls have been painted by the people since Taisho era. Fudoutaki(Waterfall of the immobility) even has path leads to its basin.
The water falls from 30 meters and it was the spot for ascetic practices of the monks of Azuma. It is one of the top 30 sight spots with the most beautiful sounds.
Tsuzumigataki(Hand Drum Waterfall) flows from Shinobu Onsen(Hot Spring) forest path end to the trackless paths along the stream. Because of its two streams of water, the sound is similar to a hand drum. Kumataki(Waterfall of the bear) flows through the ruins of a sulfur mine. Unfortunately, the outfall is untraceable due to the sand control dam. Through the remains of its huge basin and the paintings of it, one can tell that it was a well-known waterfall.

Sight Spots in Takayu

In the middle of the Bandaiasahi National Park Skyline, there lies this area with beautiful alpine plants.
With an image of the healing Buddha, it is located on the upland surrounded by Takayu hot spring. It was opened in Kansei Era, in the middle of Edo period, and over 200 years countless people came here to bath and pray for their health. The current Yakushido was rebuilt in 1977.
  Onsen Jinja (Hot Spring Shrine)
Onsen Jinja was built around the same time when Shishido Goemon founded the Takayu hot spring. When the toll way was opened, it was brought back to the current location from Azumaya stone wall. Osaisen (offerings of money) has been rusted severely due to the hot spring gas.
  Takayu Dam Park
It is located the opposite side of Shimizuya. Mearaigawa (Eye Wash River) is the only river with no hot spring water flowing into it. It is well-known for its char and its view of spring fresh green, autumn red leaves.
Takayu Gokan no Mori(Takayu Forest of the Five Senses)
Located next to the Kobushiso, the place was once used as a golf course run by the Takayu Hot Spring Inns Cooperative Association. The name has been changed into Takayu Gokan no Mori(Takayu Forest of the Five Senses) and it is open to the public. It is the best path for taking a walk on a sunny day.
Shakai Kyoikukan Kobushiso (Kobushiso Social Education Hall)
The youth facility at the Kobushiso has numerous mountains, hiking courses, gyms and camp sites available.
Azuma Kogen Skyland
Walking course for families. Massive farms with cows and sheep. One can experience BMX courses, adventure playgrounds, food and ice cream.
Tendogawa Playing in the Water
The downstream flows into Hirokawara. It is a famous playground for kids in the summer. The water is so clean that it is the best spot for Imonikai and other parties. The upstream has plenty of char and masu for the fishers.