Reviewing the past
Saito Mokichi, the writer in Meiji era, was in love with the Takayu Hot Spring. According to the previous owner of Azumaya, Saito wrote 2 poems when he stayed there. One of the poems is written on Mokichi’s monument. For Mokichi, Azuma mountain range was indeed his homeland as well as Zao mountain range.

Located on the border between Fukushima and Yamagata, Azuma mountain range is 2000 meters tall. It is the canopy of Fukushima and almost all of its areas belong to Bandai Asahi national Park. In a sense, Mokichi may have recalled his deceased mother when he saw the beauty of this mild womanly mountain covered with deep alpine forests. The past is in the past and we cannot prove it, but he surely met his lifelong friend Haruo Monma in this very hot spring, Takayu.